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Transferring files

Started by dlee, December 19, 2012, 07:28:20 PM

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I am a new member. I have read and learned a lot on this site and now I have a question.

I have an older Etrex vista, which will not lock onto a sattelite, but will hook up and talk to Map Source via the old style slide coupler hooked up to a com port on my computer. I have a couple of routes and tracks on the vista that I want to transfer to....

My new Montana 600.

Here are the issues:
I cannot get the Etrex Vista to talk to Basecamp.
I cannot get Map Source to talk to the Montata. It does not appear to recognize the usb or serial port, only the com port.
I thought there was a way to force the Etrex into mass storage mode, but I do not see that in the owners manual. I was hoping to capture the gpx file and just copy it to the new Montana.

I also have a fully functioning Etrex Legend that has the same tracks and routes on it, a buddy has that one right now, but I suspect the same thing will happen to the Legend as has happened with the Vista in trying to transfer these routes and tracks.

I also have a CD with something called Trip and Waypoint manager that I have never used it. Not sure if that would help transfer the routes and tracks either.

Any ideas, and thanks in advance for your help.

David Lee
Asheville, NC

Indrid Cold

First, transfer the data into NapSource and then save the data to your computer.
Second, open that file you saved  with Baseacamp, and then transfer the data to you Montana.

There are other ways to accomplish this but that will work.


I think you are mixing apples and oranges a bit here. The eTrex Legend and Vista have RS-232 serial interfaces. They do not have USB interfaces therefore they do not support mass storage mode. They also don't use .gpx files. The only way to get data on or off these devices is to use Mapsource. Basecamp does not support serial devices.

So Indrid is correct, use Mapsource to receive your routes/tracks/waypoints from the Legend and Vista, then save them in either a .gdb or .gpx file on your computer. You can then open this file in Basecamp if desired.

However, Mapsource should work fine with your Montana for this purpose. Mapsource will not correctly RECEIVE data from the Montana but it has no problems SENDING data to the Montana. I also have a Montana and use it frequently with Mapsource.

The Montana only has a USB interface, it cannot use a serial interface. When you plug the Montana into your computer, it should appear as though it is an external USB disk. Mapsource should then recognize it in the Send to Device menu. If this is not happening, then there is an issue with your computer.


I have successfully used the method Indrid suggested to help a friend transfer tracks and waypoints from his Garmin GPS-III+ to a new Montana. Was quick and painless.
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Thanks for the responses. I'll try this suggestion and report back later.

David Lee


I tried the instructions and after a couple false starts, I got the wayopints, routes, and tracks copied over to the Montana.

I did end up with duplicates of anything that copied over on the Montana. I just deleted from the unit. There was probably a better way, but this is what I knew how to do and had plenty of time.

David Lee