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A car ran over my Garmin Oregon 450, how to fix?

Started by QuestionsGPS, December 03, 2012, 03:32:28 PM

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Okay, it's still functional.  The issue is that the upper part of the touch screen turned black, because of all the cracks (under the screen protector I put on).  It still functions when I touch various options under the menu in the blacked out part of the screen (I have memorized where they are).  The GPS unit still does tracks, etc.  The only other problem besides the screen which I've noticed is under the battery cover in the back, there's a small/short crack in the frame of the GPS unit itself, but large enough that it may let water into the unit if it were to be submerged (and it's located before the o-ring seal compartment.

Anyone know of any options for this situation?

So far, I called up Garmin, and they said they have a flat rate fee of $99 to fix the 450.  I also went online and found Oregon 450 touch screen replacements just by themselves, for only $20, plus I found a video of how to replace a touch screen on one of these.  However, that wouldn't fix that short crack in the frame in the back (and I'm not sure how good some type of epoxy would be at guaranteeing no water gets through).


Get the $99 repair (likely swap it with a refurb) from garmin and be done with it :)
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