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Cannot see topo map on 62s

Started by batman, November 30, 2012, 02:46:53 PM

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I am having a problem viewing a topo map on my 62s. I installed the Missouri topo map (motopo11) on my Mac using Garmin MapManager. I then connected the 62s to my computer, started MapInstall, and successfully installed the map. A Garmin directory was created on the SD card and a file named motopo11.img is now located there. On the 62s, I open the maps page, press the menu button, select the "Setup Map" option, select the "Select Map" option, and only see the base map that came with the unit. What am I doing wrong? The Mac is running OS X version 10.8.2.


So you only have installed one map to your 62s, and the only map you can see in your 62s is the basemap?   Try installing another map, and see if you have the same problem.  That would indicate whether it was the map that was the problem, or something else about your 62s.  I don't have a Mac, but I've read that Mac's do some other strange things to Garmins, like fill up trash cans that need to be emptied, and may be hidden.


Sounds like everything is right with the install, so that's strange. How large is the motopo11.img file? I would try Seldom's suggestion and see if you can install another map and have it show on the setup menu.


OK. I installed the Kansas topo map using the same procedure. Now I have a second file on the SD card, kstopo11.img, and I cannot see it from the 62s menu.


If you are not located in the area of the maps you sent to the GPSr, you will have to pan to an area you sent to the GPSr.  Also zoom in to the 800 ft display level.


I don't think that's the problem. The maps aren't listed in the setup menu and therefore cannot enable/disable them.

Quote from: batman on November 30, 2012, 02:46:53 PMOn the 62s, I open the maps page, press the menu button, select the "Setup Map" option, select the "Select Map" option, and only see the base map that came with the unit.

But here's a possibility, especially since you used a Mac. The memory card must be formatted as FAT32 or the unit will not read it. On the Mac, a format would default to MacOS Extended and that will not work. Open the Disk Utility Program (in the Applications/Utilities folder) and check the card format. You must choose the MS-DOS (FAT) option.

If this doesn't work, try installing the map in internal memory. That should tell you whether the issue is related to the card.


The SD card is formated for MS-DOS.

MapInstall does not give me an option of where to install the map. So I removed the SD card and ran MapInstall again. It now told me that I had two maps to install (Missouri and Kansas), and the room to install them. The installation was successful; the two files show in the Garmin directory.

On the 62s, under the "Select Map" option, I can now see the new topos along with the original base map.

My problem is solved but I cannot explain why it did not work with the SD card. MapInstall recognized the SD card by indicating it in the header window. And the files did get installed on the SD card. It seems like the 62s was not looking at the SD card contents.

Thanks for the help!


I have heard other stories where some memory cards have been recognized by the computer but not by the GPS. I would try another card if you have one and see what happens. Another possibility would be to use a Windows machine (at work or a friend's house?) and see if you can install maps sucessfully there. Or maybe you have a friend with Garmin GPS who has a card with maps that work, and you could try that in your 62s?

Garmin has support forums for the Mac here. Might be worth reading through them and posting about this issue. The Basecamp/MapInstall developers are very active in the forums and help resolve problems.


I had a similar issue the first time I created and sent a map to my new (pre-owned) Garmin 62S when everything was a "first" and cunfusing (still is). I found that I had to disable maps that were enabled by the previous owner, then enable only my map. The new map then showed up.  :)


It is FAT32, Somehow I also face the issue... But now resolved.


I have also installed the Missouri topo map on my Mac OS X version 10.8.2 and I have faced the same problem. It was installed by one of my friends who are a Mac technician; I think he has installed it using Garmin MapManager. Can someone help me with this?