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Basecamp Color

Started by Bowman, November 21, 2012, 06:36:29 AM

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Can Basecamp color be changed or is shaded relief an option?


Shaded relief will be shown if available in Basecamp. Only Garmin products have shaded terrain however. There are no tools available to create shaded terrain for third party (except for Garmin's chosen partners in some foreign countries). What map(s) are you using?

What color do you want to change in Basecamp? The background color of the map? The background color is determined by the mapmaker; if it is not specified then the default beige background is used.


Just saw your posts on Garmin's forums. That site is very slow for me these days and sometimes I have problems posting, so I'll just respond here.

For loading maps on your GPS, see this tutorial:

See this for info on WAAS:

You must use either a Macintosh or Windows computer to run the full version of Basecamp and communicate with your GPS. Garmin has a Basecamp Mobile app for iOS, however it only supports their new Fenix sportswatch.

I think we've already covered the other questions, but maybe others here will have something to add. Happy Thanksgiving.  :)