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24k topo for Wisconsin+Minnesota

Started by nowacc, November 29, 2012, 08:00:45 PM

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I'mnew to this website and was wondering how to get the 24 k topo for wisconsin and Minnesota. I now Garmin has these out but I need 2 disc/chips because the 2 states are on different "sets". I have loaded the Topos for each state but they appear to be 50K scale. I would like to put them on a Garmin Map78 which I'm going to purchase very shortly. I'm having a very hard time with the turtorials and don't want to wait my time for the 50 k scale. This is a very nice website and will explore it a little more. Any suggestions? THANKS


The GPSMap78 will let you load all the maps you want, you won't need to use separate memory cards. In fact, you probably won't really need a card at all because the device has 1.7GB of built-in memory:

I don't know what maps you are talking about. You are not likely to find anything at 50k scale on this site, that would be low resolution. Most of the maps here are 24k or better. You can see what is available for your area here:

Download the maps you want, then use this tutorial to install them in Basecamp:

You don't need to actually have the GPS to do this, so go ahead and try - you can do it! When you get the GPS, use this tutorial to install the maps on it:

Really, these tutorials aren't so hard. Go ahead and try, then if you have specific problems let us know and somebody will help.


Looks like nowacc is talking about the GARMIN 24K Topo series. "North Central" or "Northern Plains" contains MN, while only "Northeast" or "Great Lakes" includes WI.

If nowacc wants to stick with a Garmin product, can nowacc purchase the DVD for each different region and create one supplemental map within Basecamp that has both MN and WI for the GPSMAP 78? I agree that purchasing the "SD Card" version of those products would be the wrong approach.

When I was researching available topo maps for New England, I downloaded all of the free maps that I could find and transferred them to my 78. I found that the contour interval varied quite a bit between the available maps - and none of them had the 10' contour interval of the Garmin 24K series. So perhaps that is what nowacc means when he says "50K" in terms of resolution.

But I agree with Boyd - before investing in the Garmin products, use the tutorials to help you download all the free maps you can find and then if you are not satisfied, invest in the Garmin maps. Also spend some time learning and trying the menu options that change the level of detail on the GPSr - those can make a very big difference in what you are seeing.

My custom KMZ map collection:


You are probably right dbperry. I wish people would be more specific when asking questions here.  ;)

I definitely wouldn't buy two separate micro SD card versions of these maps, it will be a pain to swap. Buying the DVD's would be a good way to go, they are not locked and can be installed on all the devices that you own.

Another option would be to purchase the download versions of these two maps:

This would give you MN and WI and cost less than buying the two DVD's. You would use your own microSD card (or internal memory if they fit) and put both files there (no card swapping needed). You would have a smaller coverage area than buying the two DVD's but it would have the areas you want. The downloaded maps will be locked to the GPS you buy them for.

Contour lines really have nothing to do with map resolution. It's a style choice made by the map author. I used a 5 foot contour interval for the flat coastal areas in my NJ map and a 20 foot interval for the mountains in the North for example: