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Loading map to Garmin Fenix

Started by aslogar, November 07, 2012, 09:17:39 AM

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I was successful in loading a new map of Ohio into BaseCamp.
But when I attach my fenix and attempt to load a part of the ohio map, it says it is successful, but I can't seem to see the map on the Fenix device.

Is there something I need to do inorder to see it?



I took a look at the specifications for the Fenix when it was announced. I didn't see anything that would suggest that it is capable of displaying any map. It appears capable of displaying a ROUTE, but not a map. What makes you think it is capable of displaying a map?
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My polish is a little rusty and I didn't bother to google translate, but I found this thread:
This thread has all the info you need- make sure and read it to the end.

it appears there are two limitations:
1) the name of the .img file is limited to particular names, and
2) the size of the map is limited by the memory on the Fenix.

It also appears that support for additional maps beyond the included basemap is an undocumented and unadvertised feature of the Fenix. Pretty cool!

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