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where am i going wrong?

Started by mrwomble2009, November 07, 2012, 04:28:31 AM

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all I've wanted to do, is buy a good garmin gps (i now have an Oregon 450) sit down at my laptop and plan hiking trips miles away from home. simple? not for me, I'm very new to all this but very enthusiastic, so, i have a pretty good gps, i have a laptop, i have just bought garmin  topo great Britain 010-c0927-00, inserted it into my Oregon and have the Garmin basecamp program downloaded onto my pc. can somebody PLEASE  help me as i'm on the verge of just giving up!


really appreciate, your reply, but i've tried all that, i need a topo map, on my laptop screen, to map out a route to walk on a later date, then save it to my gps, i have the fore-mentioned topo map now on my gps, but it doesn't change the map in basecamp, still very basic on basecamp, but registering on my gps screen.....and yes, it is connected and registering my gps in basecamp....but thats all! :-[


I don't know that we can help much here. These forums exist primarily to support the maps on this site:

You seem to be having a problem with a Garmin product. Try contacting Garmin support:

Garmin also has a Basecamp support forum here:

With most of Garmin's maps, if you connect the GPS to your computer then Basecamp can display the map. However, I vaguely recall that there were some issues with this using the GB topo. Since I'm in the US, I haven't really followed it however.

You might also try using JaVaWa Device Manager. It can sometimes fix this sort of issue:


Sounds like you may be having problems navigating BaseCamp.  It may help to view the top tutorials on this page.

Did you by your topo on a microSD card or a disk?  If on disk you need to run the installer that came with the disk.  If on a card you need to connect your GPSr to your PC.


Another good option that I use a lot is drawing the track/trail you want in Google Earth.  This obiously depends on how good GE is for the area you are interested in.  If it is densly foliated it doesn't work well. 


it's on a pre programmed micro sd card. appreciate everybody's advice, sadly, none of it has helped, the topo mapping appears on the gps screen, not on basecamp. everybody raves about how simple gps's are, everything ive tried just doesnt seem to work/go to plan, the lot is going on ebay, i'm going back to map and compass, i've just had enough, i've tried everything you have all suggested.


Did you try contacting Garmin support? What did they say?


If it is like Garmin's prerecorded mapset data for the US; you will need to have the GPSr connected to the computer so BaseCamp can read the data from the GPSr unit.

The DVD version, if there is one, would be installed on the computer and you would use BaseCamp (or MapSource) to view the data and send some or all of the data to a blank micro memory card.

Best if you found someone with the GB mapset to see if it would work the same way as Garmin's mapsets for the USA.  Try asking on the UK&Ireland section of

Also see:
Many have posted that his mapsets for the UK are the best. 
These will be installed to the computer and BaseCamp/MapSource can be used to view the data and send some/all to a blank micro memory card on the GPSr.