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Goin' to Philmont

Started by khead, May 08, 2009, 02:09:43 PM

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OK, I really did search before posting, because I figured this had to be asked before...

Has anyone created (or know of) a really good Garmin topo for Philmont SR, NM? Or, is the answer "Hey, just use the posted NM 24k topo, it's as good as it gets!" ?

Thanks in advance!


You are probably correct on the NM24k being AGAIG.  Except for the area's outline and trails, what is in the NM24k is as detailed as available.  However, some scout group/person/leader might have the trails as a track log.  You might find something with a post on or a scout forum.

Indrid Cold

You can also check for tracks such as the following:

They have more for the area


Thanks for the replies! 
Sorry I haven't posted sooner, though.

Indrid Cold