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Topo Maps for CT for Mac

Started by owen bell, November 05, 2012, 05:38:30 AM

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owen bell

I have a e Trex 20 and would like to download topo maps for Connecticut and have a Mac OSX operating system. How do I go about it? :o

owen bell

Also, is there free downloads or do you have to pay? If so, what does it cost for one state?


I don't see any Mac Topos for Connecticut.  Tutorials here here for both Mac and PC.  Maps hosted from this site are free, but donations are appreciated.


If you find a Windows-only map that you would like to use here, it can be converted for your mac. See this thread:,3145.0.html

Some of the maps listed on this site are actually hosted on other sites, and some of those are not free. You have to look at download page for each individual map to determine if it is hosted here or elsewhere and if it is free or not.

owen bell