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topo map not showing on Garmin montana

Started by spud45, October 21, 2012, 07:22:02 PM

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I have downloaded several topo maps from GPS file depot to Garmin Base Camp with no problems.  I have then installed them on my Garmin Montana with Map Install.  If i look on my computer is shows all maps as being installed on the Montana. I have a map titled Idaho Topo and a land owner map called Topo Idaho   Problem when i go to Garmin Montana
map>select map.  Topo idaho does not show as being available to be selected.  If i remove "Idaho Topo",   the  "Topo Idaho" shows.  I am wondering if the problem is the mapset name.
When i use JaVaWa device manager is shows both of the above maps with the same mapset name.  Could this be causing issues with the Montana?  Thanks for the help.


Map name (an 8 digit number unique to a tile) conflicts can cause tiles not to show up.  IIRC, if two tiles have the same 8 digit name neither will show up.  See what happens if you delete one of the maps with similar names.