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Warning When Downloading Map

Started by grangerman, September 25, 2012, 12:34:07 PM

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When I try to download the PA Topo map I get a warning "This program is not signed and may damage your computer." Has anyone encountered this problem before? Is it safe to bypass and continue download and open?


I have gotten a message from McAfee saying 'files from this site are not commonly downloaded.'
Just tried Nortons and it let the download begin with giving any type of message.

What protection software is giving the message?


Trend Micro does not give any warnings when I try to download that map with Firefox. When I tried with Internet Explorer, it blocked the download however. I don't use IE and have not changed the security settings from the default. I believe the default is very restrictive, so that may be what you're seeing also.


I am using IE. Just received an email from Dan at GPSFileDepot and he said it is OK to bypass warning and download. He said to get a signed copy it costs $K's


That is part of the microsoft security system; you have to pay plenty of money to them to get the ability to sign as an official publisher.  A lot of software throughout the internet will have that warning.
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