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Garmin 2610 on a BMW r1200gs

Started by rstrandy, September 18, 2012, 05:35:24 PM

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Just bought this bike(like new) with a Garmin 2610 factory installed on the bike. It has no maps loaded and Garmin quit updating for this unit years ago. Can I download topo maps from this site into this GPS. I'll make a very nice donation to the site if someone can help me get this going.....


I used to have a 2620, which is the same thing but with pre-loaded maps. You will need a computer with a serial interface to transfer data to that device. If you don't have a serial port, you will need to purchase a USB to serial converter. These might be problematic with newer computers though, see this:

But this is probably a better approach for installing maps.... Does the unit have a memory card in it? If not then you will need to purchase one. IIRC the 2610 uses the big old Compact Flash cards which might be getting hard to find, not sure. I think the largest one that will work would be 2GB.

When you get a card, also buy an external USB card reader that is compatible with compact flash cards. You can then connect this directly to your computer and you won't have to worry about the serial interface for loading maps. However, if you want to send/receive waypoints and tracks to your device you will have to get the serial interface working.

Now do the following steps IN THIS ORDER:

Download and install Basecamp:

Download and install Mapsource:

Now choose the map you want here and download it:

Follow this tutorial to open the map in Mapsource:

Follow this tutorial to transfer the map from your computer to the compact flash card:

Put the card back into the unit and start it up. You may need to go into the map settings and enable it. The procedure will be similar to this on the streetpilot:

The 2610 is from the "good old days" when Garmin published excellent user manuals. If you don't have a hard copy, then download it here and I think you'll find it very helpful: