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Non Garmin IMG's not showing up in Basecamp

Started by AMHenry, August 30, 2012, 08:09:29 PM

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I found some OSM maps online and downloaded and ran the .exe. The IMG files showed up in the right directories but they did not appear in Basecamp v2.4. I used Mapsettoolkit to check and they showed up there as installed. Through some research it ended up that I needed to upgrade to Basecamp v3.3. This did indeed solve my issue.
Hope this info helps


Suggest you take this up with the site you downloaded them from.  AFAIK, there are a few maps here that are made using OSM data, but none that I would call OSM maps.  If they're from this site, please post a link.  Also, BaseCamp 2.4.1 is pretty old.  Current version is 4.0.1