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can't unlock map on nuvi1200

Started by [email protected], August 17, 2012, 02:01:19 PM

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[email protected]

i sent a map from mapsource to my nuvi1200 device and get a 'can't unlock map' message when i try to open the device. anyone can help how to unlock it. i have the product key.


What map did you send?  Did you get it from this site?  If so, please post a link to the map.


Since he mentioned "product key" I would assume it's a Garmin map like City Navigator.


IIRC there have been several "can't unlock map" problems associated with third party, unlocked maps.  If the only map the OP's having a problem with is CNNANT, he should contact Garmin.  Didn't think we commented on installation problems for maps not hosted here.