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newbie having problems with loading maps

Started by chrisware24, August 23, 2012, 05:31:01 AM

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I recently installed BaseCamp on my PC. I then installed the NE topo maps part 1,2 and 3. They successfully installed and I can see them in BaseCamp. I then attached my Garmin 800 with the sdhc card in the device. Right clicked on the folder for the card and installed all three maps.

I then removed the gps and looked in the maps area under settings. I unfortunately can't see any of them. If I reattached my gps to the computer, I can see all the .img files on the sdhc card. All the data is there, but I can't navigate to it via my touch screen to enable the map.

any ideas?


What is a "Garmin 800"? What folder are the map files in, what are the files named and how large are they? Have you used this same card before to install maps and did they work? Make sure that the card is formatted as FAT32.


The Garmin 800 is a Garmin Edge 800 cycling GPS.

The files are named:             Size:
1. NE USA Topo Part 1.img    658mb
2. NE USA Topo Part 2.img    236mb
3. NE USA Topo Part 3.img    575mb

Format is Fat32

What am I doing wrong?



You didn't answer my question about what folder the maps are in. There should be a folder named Garmin at the root of the card. The files should be in that folder. Older Garmin gps devices would only recognize a single map file named gmapsupp.img but newer ones recognize any file with a .img extension (like the ones you listed). I *think* the edge should recognize those files if they are in the Garmin folder.

As a test, you could rename one file gmapsupp.img and remove the other two, then see what happens. I am taking your word that these maps are not listed in the Map Setup/Map Info menu. Note that they may be named something completely different (even cryptic) on the Map menu. The name shown on the GPS comes from inside the file and is not usually the same as the filename itself.