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Custom Maps or Seperate SD Chips?

Started by zul, August 12, 2012, 04:47:52 PM

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Living near the 4 courners in Arizona can be tricky.  So far, loving the state by state maps from this web site.  Unfortunately, my GPS is a Garmin 60csx. 

1.  Could I purchase separate SD chips to swap in and out of different states (AZ to UT and back??)

2. Is there a custom map that would include the '4- corners Sates'??  More specifically 'The Colorado Plateau ... Zion to Santa Fe ... Sedona up to Durango (Maybe tossing in some of the Rockies too!!) ??

I do not know how difficult it is to make these maps or make these maps talk to each other ... But so far, very impressed with the state by state details and quality.

THX!! - zul


Seldom's Desert SW.

If that does not include all you need; see the tutorial:
Step 8 (repeating steps 2-7) for MS indicates how to include segments from more than one mapset to send to the older units as one gmapsupp.img file