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My Trails.....missing POI's question

Started by woodstramp, August 18, 2012, 07:57:39 PM

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I noticed something funny about this transparent overlay map. (I use it in conjunction with the SE Topo and Garmin 100k topo maps).  Trails look nice, but I noticed something odd.  I noticed this when looking at the Appalacian Trail.

When I have this trail file opened in Mapsource, all that is visible is the trails (red lines and trail label tags), that is until you zoom in.  Then you can see a whole bunch of POI's along the trail.  Auhor used water spigot icons for water, bathroom signs and tent icons for campsites.  These show up in Mapsource, but they do not show up on my 60csx.   I've zoomed in and out on the GPS screen and cannot see these waypoints.

Either I made a mistake when I transferred the My Trails maps or my GPS can't "see" them I'm thinking.  These waypoints would really be nice to have if I ever get to do a section of the AT.   Any ideas on how to make these appear on the GPS?  Thanks.


Do you have detail set to most?  Menu->Menu->Setup->Map->Top left "N" button->Detail Most.



I tried your suggestion.  No dice.

In mapsource you can follow the AT from Springer Mt. and immediately see trail waypoints.  You can't see that on the 60csx, no matter the detail setting or zoom.  Tell you what, as soon as I get another SD card I'll try a re-transfer to see if I accidently excluded waypoints in transfer.  Don't think I did the first time, but I'll do a re-run on a fresh card.


Quote from: woodstramp on August 20, 2012, 11:58:54 AM
Tell you what, as soon as I get another SD card I'll try a re-transfer to see if I accidently excluded waypoints in transfer.

Sorry the detail increase didn't help.  Since My Trails is a map, not a GPX everything should transfer, and the only control you should have is the detail level on the PC and GPSr.

I just noticed there is another setting for Map Points in the Map Setup.  Under the flag pin button there are multiple settings to show map points and way points.  Looks like the range for map points goes from 20 feet to three miles.

woodstramp da man!  (If you are male, that is)  :)

Bingo....that was it....AT is now littered with places!



What was your setting for map points before? Unless you had turned them off completely, I would think they'd show if you zoomed way in (and you said you did). Well, anyway, glad you got it working. :)