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GPS vs card reader

Started by Solarmon, August 07, 2012, 08:03:33 PM

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  I'm a total newbie at this Map down and uploading.  But I just discovered something that may save others a ton of time.  I somehow lost all the maps I installed to my Garmin 60 csx. Probably due to canceling a upload to the unit and unplugging too soon.  Needless to say I was bummed since each state topo took an hour or more.   I am now reloading everything onto the card using a high speed card reader and it seems to be way faster than transferring directly to the gps unit..   I mean just a few minutes instead of more than an hour..   Probably a no brainer for you veterans but thought I'd mention it for others....   [Mac OS X,  Garmin Map install, Garmin map manager ]


Yes, USB 1.0 is dog.  :P The newer models have USB 2.0 however.


You might find this to be a double edged sword...

If I load maps directly onto my GPS, it's a little slower to transfer, but the GPS Starts up fast.

If I load maps onto an SD Card, the transfer is fast, but the GPS takes more time to start up, while loading maps from SD Card.

Just an observation...

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You have to load maps onto the SD card if you have a 60csx like Solarmon. It does not have any internal memory for storing maps.