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Downloaded and installed Topo, can't see it on Basecamp

Started by duece71, August 08, 2012, 09:57:36 AM

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I have a garmin rino 650 and want to load the california topo on to it.  I downloaded it from GPS file depot, I installed it on my computer.   I followed the tutorial and opened base camp to look at the map and it doesn't show the map there.  Is there something else I need to be doing to see the map and then to actually put it on to my Garmin unit??  Thank you for the help


BaseCamp needs to be installed and NOT active/running when a mapset is installed.

Is this the first mapset installed on a Window7 64bit maching?  If so see the mapset's webpage.


Yes it is and I am sure that basecamp and mapsource were NOT active or running when the download occurred.  I did however download another TOPO map and it was seen by basecamp and is now loaded on to my Garmin.  Strange.  I will check out Mapsets website.  I have not been able to use mapset successfully either.


Have you tried this? I think that might be what maps4gps was actually suggesting...,2320.0.html

Quote from: Seldom on September 09, 2011, 04:08:09 PM
Try installing My Trails.  It's available here:

My trails has been known to fix certain installations because it has a 32 bit installer.


Thanks guys, I think I got it now.  I was not putting the maps in a very accessible place when I was downloading them.  I got it sorted out and can now see the maps on basecamp and mapsource.  Curiously enough, the CA topo does not show up on Mapsource but it is visible on basecamp.  Kind of strange.  I agree with what map4gps said about making sure that basecamp and mapsource are not active and closed before downloading a topo map.  Thank you for your help.