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Trouble downloading to MAC

Started by TZZZZ, August 05, 2012, 05:02:49 PM

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Much to my frustration I recently purchased a Mac Book Pro.  I think I am getting to old to learn new tricks since every time I try to do something with it I have another frustrating night.  I tried to download a free version of Topo for Colorado.  It downloaded and went to the download file.  I then went in ifinder and clicked it and it said it was downloaded but it is not in Base camp.  Any idea what I am doing wrong?


With respect to the Mac, give it some time, and you'll be fine.  At worst, you can still use VMWare or Parallels.

I don't work with maps under the Mac environment too much, but if I recall, once you've unzipped the files, they should have a file or files with the suffix "gmapi".  If you double click on that, it should install into basecamp automatically.


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For starters, did you download the Mac version of the map? A Windows map won't work on your Mac. Did you install Basecamp before you downloaded the map? If not, you might have a problem. If Basecamp was installed, then you should also have MapManager. Normally, double-clicking the downloaded file would start MapManager and ask if you want to install the map. Click OK and that should be all you need.

Look in your Applications folder for Garmin MapManager, then double-click it. This should give you a list of all maps that are installed. Do you see the map on the list? If not, what is the name of the file you downloaded? What happens if you double-click it?