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Alaska not available on Garmin Select State

Started by edpaulsen, August 03, 2012, 04:26:55 AM

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I loaded the AK topo map.  I know that it is on there, because I have been able to see Juneau on the cities menu.  BUT, when I want to put in a specific address, AK is not an available state on the Garmin Select State screen.  Any suggestions?


My AK topo does not do address searching.  AFAIK, address searching has not been reverse engineered.  You will have to purchase a Garmin product which supports address searching if you need that feature.  Likely Juneau is being picked up from Garmin's build-in base map.


Address search is available in some cGPSmapper versions, like for example cGPSmapper Personal. mkgmap has this function too, but I'm not sure if house number is supported yet.

Edit: I see that Mapwel supports address search too.


Thanks for the info.  The last I saw (about a year ago) was that OSM was still trying to get it to work properly.