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Dakota 20 doesn't allow renamed IMG files on SD card?

Started by rivir, August 02, 2012, 03:44:03 PM

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Quote from: popej on October 20, 2013, 02:45:30 AM
On my Dakota I can delete GarminDevice.xml and it is restored at start. Check if you have free place in internal storage. And you can try to create empty xml.

Plenty of free space, and I had created a dummy [blank] file.

Something had nagged me about the idea that the unit was 'restoring' or 'recreating' the xml file.

It clicked when I read this - there is probably a hidden copy of the XML file someplace that the unit is simply copying back to the readable location.

Most or all of the file probably comes with the software upgrade process.


I had scanned the template for the file in the Garmin developer pages, but I am not going to try to generate it from scratch.

Thanks for the suggestions though.


Please Help!: What is the "<PartNumber>" near the beginning of the GarminDevice.xml for the Dakota 20? [see below]

I've been playing with my previously reported problem some more, editing the GarminDevice.xml from my wife's nüvi 1300.

With the version here, Garmin's recognizes the device but says nothing is there:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Device xmlns="h#p://" xmlns:xsi="h#p://" xsi:schemaLocation="h#p:// h#p://"><Model><PartNumber>010-00781-01</PartNumber><SoftwareVersion>330</SoftwareVersion><Description>Dakota 20</Description></Model><Id>3635700000</Id><RegistrationCode>1AA057000</RegistrationCode><Unlock><Code>A00AA0A0A0A00AAA0AAAAAA00</Code></Unlock></Device>

[# substitutes for tt to avoid prohibited "external links"]

If I change the part number to the nüvi 1300 part number from its GarminDevice.xml, WebUpdater sees it as a nüvi 1300 and will go  into the process to update the Firmware - possibly stopping before actually overwriting the firmware - and ending with an error message.

After reloading maps, the unit is about where it was before the attempted  nüvification. Works normally with uploaded maps & waypoints, won't wave a waypoint.

What's fun is that with the file as listed above, the program Garmin Express recognizes the unit as a Dakota 20, tells me the correct "serial number" not the altered "registration code" in the file, reports that the software version is 3.30 or 3.10 from the file, whichever it says, not actual 3.10 - and tells me that the "device software is up to date," which is manifestly not true.

But the problem is that "<PartNumber>" is not the retail part number [sku] i provided, but something different - the nüvi has 006-B0972-00 in the file, but 010-00782-40 as retail.

Can anyone help?

Thank you


Garmin programs read and interpret GarminDevice.xml. So actually Garmin Express reports back what you have put inside xml.

<PartNumber> inside <Model> tag is identification of hardware, by this number Express search for firmware updates and then compare with <SoftwareVesion>. It does the same for other parts of the firmware, which are described in subsequent tags. For example this sequence describe installed timezone map:

Express or WebUpdater only downloads files and copy them to the right palace on Dakota. Real flashing is done by Dakota itself at restart but if you put there foreign firmware it will be ignored. Not so with additional files, they could overwrite proper files for Dakota.

Part number for my Dakota is 006-B0960-00. But I'm afraid your experiments won't restore GPS. Maybe you could try some recovery methods described here (assuming you have already done all possible resets):


Maybe I don't understand exactly what you're trying to do? AFAIK, you don't need webupdater to install firmware on your GPS. You should be able to just copy the gupdate.gcd file to the Dakota and start it up. Have you tried that?

QuoteEach Software Version below is linked to that version's gcd file. Normally I would recommend upgrading through Webupdater but if for some reason you can't (e.g. you are trying to downgrade) then you can update using the following procedure:

Use the links below under "Software Version" to download the gcd file for the version you want to use

Change the name of the file you just download to gupdate.gcd
Attach the Dakota to your computer and verify that it is in USB Mass storage mode

Copy gupdate.gcd to [DK drive]:\Garmin\gupdate.gcd
Restart the Dakota