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Ibycus map with Topo?

Started by JayMc, May 04, 2009, 07:31:18 PM

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Is there any risk with loading components of both ibycus and a topo on my vista?


Which topo for which state(s)?  The Ibycus mapset was entirely from Census data (2008 March).
The individual state mapsets on this site use Census (2008 Nov) for transportation, possibly area landmarks, either Census or NHD (there are issues and good points for either) for hydro, plus add contours, GNIS points, landuse/ownership and possbily other items. 


I guess if the same census data was used for ibycus as the topo I'm loading it's a moot point then.  I'm using the TN topo right now.  I'll be using other states for hiking/hunting/camping too.

Indrid Cold

Good point, you should only need the TOPO map for each state. The procedure is the same in any case.