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Ibycus USA doesn't provide routing?

Started by waterbug, April 25, 2009, 01:01:14 AM

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I just loaded "Washington 24k Topo" and "Northwest Trails" onto my 60csx and they work great!
Then, I used Mapinstall again to write a chip that also includes "Ibycus USA" (Washington State area) but it didn't seem to add anything.. no new information, no more detailed street routing.  Ibycus USA does show, with all boxes checked, in my maps setup.  What am I missing?


Neither Ibycus USA nor WA 24k topo has routing.
The Ibycus USA is entirely from Census data (transportation, hydro) - 2008 March version - no contour lines nor GNIS points.
The WA 24K topo has transportation (roads & railroads, possibly some trails) from Census (may use the 2008 Nov version), hydro from USGS NHD (more detailed - but has its some issues), contour lines and GNIS point info.

Basically there is nothing in the Ibycus USA mapset that is not in the WA 24k topo.


Ok, that's what I suspected, thank you.  Limited street routing, i.e., main highways, is available with the built in basemap, but apparently one needs MapSource City Navigator for the detail?  If so, could I combine that on the same chip with the Topo?


CN has routing and more up-to-date and complete road data.  CN and WA 24k topo can be combined in one .img file on the memory chip/GPSr.  I believe CN takes precidence over the other mapset, but have heard that if a route is set in CN, then the CN mapset hidden, the route will still be usable on the visible mapset.  Someone who has done/tried this needs to advise.