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GPS Sway Support Thread [Official]

Started by -Oz-, April 13, 2008, 08:19:16 AM

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Use this thread to discuss any issues, desires, wants, comments, criticisms of GPS Sway Coordinate Converter.
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Nice tool, thanks! I've been looking for just such a calculator for some time and wondering why no one had made one. Now I can toss my spreadsheet.

It would be most useful in the field if you could make a version for PocketPC and Palm devices!  ;)


I'm getting a "Runtime Error '13': Type Mismatch" when trying to convert UTM to DDD.DDDDD.

My input is:
   Easting - 609019
   Northing: 4162048
   Zone: 12S

What am I doing wrong?

I tried it the other way (DDD.DDDDD to UTM), and the outputs are similar to what I was inputting.


Great tool, many thanks! For a while, I searched for a calculator that fit the bill and wondered why no one had created one. I can now throw away my spreadsheet.