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62s problems

Started by banest, July 05, 2012, 04:36:21 PM

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I have two problems with my 62s:

1) when I try to use WebUpdater to update my GPSr from version 3.9 to 4.3, up pops a dialog box that says "the update file is corrupted".

2) when I try to add a map to my unit's memory (no card in it), (with 1.68Gb free memory!!), MapInstall, before I even select a map tile, says "over by 6Kb, 0 total maps selected".

Anybody know what might be the problem with either of the above? I am buffaloed. Thanks in advance for any help.


Just a couple of guesses:
1)  Do you get the update error message during the download or after you have re-started the 62s?  If after restart, have you looked in internal memory for an update file, and deleted it?  The update file will have a GCD extension, and it should be automatically deleted after a successful firmware update, so if it's still there, it's got a problem and should be deleted.
2)Have you looked to see there's really 1.68GB free memory?
3)Does MapInstall say there's anything on the GPSr?


I get the message during the download. I see no file with the extension .gcd in internal memory on the GPSr. This is also where I am seeing I have 1.68Gb free memory. MapInstall says zero maps, although I do have a small map of another location in the GPSr.


Wierd, I just tried MapInstall, and it worked this time....very strange. It had not been giving me the list of Maps I have installed on my PC, but it did just now, seemed to work perfect. I guess I will try WebUpdater again now...


Well, WebUpdate worked good just now. Is it that I had my GPSr in Mass Storage mode this time? If so, forgive my ignorance, I didn't remember that it needed to be in mass storage mode. Thanks for the reply, it got me to trying it again!