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Garmin 200 not showing Florida Topo map in county menu

Started by MikeyShaw, April 17, 2009, 12:20:55 PM

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Hi, I downloaded your Florida Topo map yesterday (will make a donation) and uploaded it to my Garmin 200 very easily and it looks great but I have to drag my finger across the Atlantic ocean before it will show up on the screen as it will not list in the country menu. How do I solve this?

Thanks you.

Swansea, Wales, UK.


I believe its because only a few maps items are searchable; country isn't one of them.  You may be able to search for a city but because of the version of cgpsmapper used that may not even work.
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After you drag the map into view, you could tap a location and save it as a favorite. Then the next time you want to "visit" Florida you could just pull up the favorite or use the "recently found" function.