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Difference between a map and one with installer

Started by r_rod10, May 13, 2012, 03:27:38 PM

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Hi. Just wanted to know the difference between just a map and one with installer. For example for the maps in Texas, there is one (South Central United States) has 2 down loads, South Central United States and South Central United States with installer. What is the difference btw the two? 

Also, everything is the same except that the one without installer says it is in 4 grid segments to the degree but the one with installer foes not say this. Will the one with installer still have the grid segments? My GPS only has 24 mb memory so having the segments would be great.

Thanks for any help.



If a map doesn't come with an installer you'll need to use a program like MapSetToolKit to install it so you can use it with MapSource or BaseCamp.  A map with an installer will install itself if you run the executable.  Unless you are experienced, get one with the installer.  And be sure to have BaseCamp or MapSource installed on your computer before you install the map.  Also make sure that BC or MS are NOT running at the time you run the installer.


Thank you for the help. I have basecamp so I'm headed in the right direction. I am not experienced, first GPS system so I will definitely use the one with the installer since I'm not even sure how to use the map tool kit you were thinking about. Again thanks for the help.



They are the same map data.  Some else (OZ I think) made the self-installing version to make it easier for users to use. 

Except for the very smallest, mapsets are made of a number of quads/tiles/segments.  That mapset uses a uniform sized area of 30 by 30 arc minutes (a little less than 35 by 35 miles). 

MapSource/BaseCamp is used to upload quads/segments to the GPSr/memory card.  A GPSr limited to 25Mb will not have room for much more than a major metro area.