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Garmin 60csx problems uploading maps

Started by roxch, April 15, 2009, 06:07:42 PM

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I have had a very frustrating day. I have been trying to upload topo map of Massachusetts. The GPS gives me the same message "problem communicating with card check installation" I am using a San Disk 2.0gb micro. and have checked and rechecked installation a billion times? Is it me or the card.
Thanks for saving my sanity. >:( ???


Hate to suggest more equipment but a card reader would make this much much easier.

Make sure its all the way locked into place.  Also, make sure the micro card isn't locked; very few have it but some have the little lock/unlock toggle that will make it so you can't write to the card.
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I agree with Oz.  You can get a card reader on E-Bay for less than $2 shipped.  How they ship from China for less than $2 I have no idea.


I've occasionally had this problem, even with a card reader, and have usually been able to fix it by re-formatting the card.