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viewing multiple maps on Basecamp

Started by YHiker Ron, May 11, 2012, 12:03:43 PM

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YHiker Ron

I am new at this (2 days) so forgive my ignorance.

I've downloaded both NC Topos and My Trails to BaseCamp, and to my Nuvi. I've figured out how to view My Trails as an overlay to the topos on my Nuvi, but not in BaseCamp. How do you do that?


Unfortunately Mapsource and Basecamp have only been designed to show one map at a time.

YHiker Ron

Thanks. Now I know that at least it's not my ignorance for a change!

Happy trails!


I dont get it... what's the value of My Trails in BaseCamp if you never know where you are?!?

Must be missing something.


The value is primarily for use on the device itself. However, Basecamp *can* display a raster image in addition to a regular (vector) map. So you could make a "custom map" of an area that you want to display along with MyTrails:

Or you could purchase either Birdseye Satellite imagery or Birdseye Topo and display them along with MyTrails:


The value of 'My trails' and other overlay/transparent mapsets is they can be used to display data which was not included in a 'base' (non-overlay) mapset on the GPSr.  Garmin has limited BaseCamp (and MapSource) to displaying only one mapset at a time.  Why, is a question to ask Garmin as I have heard they have (/had) at least one overlay mapset and it also can only be displayed with another mapset on the GPSr unit (not with BC nor MS).

Garmin created BaseCamp to sell birdseye imagery.  Why they did not give this capability to MapSource and created BC without all of the functionality/ease-of-use which MS had, only Garmin could say.

Until fairly recently, users were concerned with what they could display on the GPSr. Originally the computer software was simply intended to create a file transfering the selected mapset(s) data to the GPSr.  Now there is a growing concern about how mapsets/data are displayed in BC (/MS).