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unable to download maps

Started by TonyR, May 03, 2012, 10:35:25 AM

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I just got a garmin gpsmap 62sc which didn't come with any preloaded maps. I downloaded the Arizona topo from this site along with the programs recommended on the tutorials  (garmin basecamp, mapinstall & mapmanager. However, I have been unable to upload this map from my Mac computer to my gps. The map seemed to have downloaded properly on my Mac computer but whenever I  try to open it, it says it is unable to "unarchive" it. I suspect this might be the reason why all those garmin programs are unable to find it and install it on my gps. Complete newbie to gps devices, so will appreciate any detail help anybody can give me.


Do you have BaseCamp installed, and can you see the download in BaseCamp?  If not that's probably the place to start.  I'm not a Mac owner, but those who are will probably need the answers to those questions.


It could just be a corrupt download file, in which case you should try downloading again. How are you trying to "open" it and what program is giving you the error. You will need to install Basecamp BEFORE you try to open a downloaded map. Basecamp will make some changes to your system settings such that if a folder contains a .gmapi extension, then MapManager will open it.

Do you still have the original .tgz file that you downloaded? If not, then download again AFTER installing basecamp. Now see what happens. Another program, like Stuffit might be trying to open the .tgz unsuccessfully also.

What version of MacOSX are you running? You should use the archive utility program to open the .tgz file. On older versions of MacOSX it will be found in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder. On Lion (10.7) however it will be inside /System/Library/CoreServices.

Use the archive utility to open the .tgz file. If Basecamp was properly installed you can then just double-click the .gmapi file and MapManager will install the map.


Thanks to all for your response. I will try all those suggestions that you recommended and see if that does the trick. will let you know how it went