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Topo Mississippi

Started by usmeagle, April 15, 2009, 07:37:10 AM

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First of all, great product.  This has been very helpful and I love it.  My question is, there are areas of the state that I can't see topo data.  Is there something that I can change or is this common on all of the maps?


Topo Mississippi as in 'Mississippi Topo' or some other mapset?
Did you zoom in far enough?
Can not see where - on the GPSr or MapSource?
Please give some specific locations so someone can check?  There could be areas so flat that even a minor (detailed level) contour would not be included in a screen view.
Do you have the detail set to normal on the GPSr and MapSource?


It is Mississippi Topo.  It doesn't show up on the GPSr when I am in the Jackson Metro area, as well as anything North of there.  I know some of those areas have some terrain changes, like in the hills around Yazoo City.  I also have the detail set to highest setting on both MapSource and my GPS Unit. 
Thanks for the rely.


I just downloaded and installed Mississippi Topo.  In MapSource, I see contour lines from Jackson north to TN and west to the Mississippi River.  In normal detail the index contours (100') become visable at the 5 mi setting.  I transfered the quads from Jackson westward between 32 and 33 N to my 76csx. With normal detail the index contours appear at the 3mi zoom level, 50 ft CI's at 0.3 miles & 10 ft CI's at 800ft.
I have always had trouble sending more than 5-10Mb of files (in one gmapsupp.img) directly to my 76csx - sometimes the file has oddly corrupted data, other times it will not complete the transfer.  I have to have MapSource send the file to a thumb drive, then transfer it to the GPSr (in the Garmin folder) via the GPSr's USB mass storage mode.  Having the micro memory card in a card reader also works.

By topo data do you mean just the contours lines or eveything in Mississippi Topo?
Are you seeing it all in MapSource?
Did you select all (more than one) quad/tile in MapSource?
What GPSr?


I can see everything in MapSource, all contour lines, all streets and roads, but on my Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX when I get West of Brandon all contour lines disappear and I can only see what the basemap normally shows.  Anything East of Brandon to the Alabama line shows up, contour lines, roads, and everything else.



Your problem definitely lies within the transfer process to you 60Csx.  I have the same unit with a 2GB microSD card.  When transferring large file sizes, you almost have to use a third party transfer method.  I don't think MapSource will even let you begin to transfer file sizes over a certain threshold.  What size data card do you have?  You need to make sure you have the capacity to transfer.  The file size of your map selection is shown in the lower left region of the screen in MapSource when you're highlighting map blocks to transfer.

I use a card reader to transfer map files to my 60Csx.  They're cheap on and E-Bay.

Hope you get it worked out.


Thanks for the reply Smoke68, that has solved my problem.  I didn't realize that I had to highlight the individual blocks of the map to transfer. 

Thanks for all of your help everyone.


Quote from: usmeagle on April 16, 2009, 07:11:22 AM
I didn't realize that I had to highlight the individual blocks of the map to transfer. 
That is what I asked you yesterday 'Did you select all (more than one) quad/tile in MapSource?'


Sorry maps4gps, I must have overlooked that part of your post, thanks for your help.