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FL Topo Maps on Garmin Montana 600

Started by sor126, April 18, 2012, 02:14:00 PM

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Thank you to everyone who helps misguided souls like myself in the GPS world

I have a new Montana 600 and use it for Driving and Geocaching. I have NA City Maps and it shows enabled, I have GPSFileDepot FL Topo maps installed and it show ENABLED. However only the City Maps will show.  I have tried renaming files and read through the many posts. The biggest thing that I have not seen in the posts is when I  go into the GPS unit it show these files NorthAmerica_2012_40.gma
I am assuming the NorthAmerica_2012_40.img is my City maps and  under the Garmin Folder I can see this file as well fltopo.img which I am guessing is my FL topo map
Help! Want to go Caching with Topo Maps,, THANKS in advance


Indrid Cold

In your Geocaching profile, "Disable" the City Navigator maps and you will see the TOPO


Thanks Cold,
I have done that, even made sure map detail was at most. With City Maps disable and FL top enabled all that is left on the screen is the little blue triangle. Thoughts?


Sorry if this is a dumb question... but are you actually in Florida (inside the coverage area of the map)? How far did you zoom in? Try zooming in to the 800 foot level.


I am in Tampa Bay in the heart of the area I downloaded. Downloaded all of the west coast of Fl zoomed to 50 feet no luck!


Are you in the geocaching profile, or recreational, or something else/


I have found that to display the topo (also the FL version) the Basemap also has to be enabled. For my Topo Only profile the following are enabled on my M650:

NA Map V1012.40
FL Topo from GPSFileDepot



That just isn't true. I never use the basemap on my Montana and have no problems viewing topo maps. There is an old bug however that affects most of the newer Garmin handhelds. For some reason, certain map features may disappear if you are not using the recreational profile.

Also, what is"NA Map V1012..40"? Do you mean City Navigator North America NT 2012.40? If so, that should NOT be enabled when using a topo map. It will cover up and hide most topo maps (depending on the draw order of the topo). Even if it doesn't hide the topo, it will have a noticeable impact on performance.


Thanks All,

I am using  CN North America NT 2012.40 ALL.   I have tried all of of combos of enable and disable  with Basemap, FL topo and North America. The only one the shows any maps is the North America

Sledom posted
Are you in the geocaching profile, or recreational, or something else

I just tired recreational and geocaching setting, but I am not sure I have the right one. Garmin seems to have a lot of items that are not easy to find.  I went to Set Up / Map / Dashboard / Recreational.   Is that right? It did not display any topo maps again trying all possible combos of maps enabled and disables just the North American when I enabled that one.



No, that is not how you change profiles. Choose "profile change" (NOT Setup > Profiles) from the menus. I have customized my Montana to the point that I don't know where this option was originally located, but it should be on one of the menu pages or perhaps in the 'drawer'.

When you press Profile Change, the top of the screen should say "Current profile is Recreational". If it doesn't, then choose Recreational from the list. You may need to scroll down to find it.

So you understand the concept - profiles are a way to save the current state of your device, including all the menu preferences you have chosen. So they provide a quick way to change a whole bunch of settings with one single screen tap. You should strart with the recreational profile, then customize any settings that you like. When you have your Montana set the way you like it, go to Setup > Profiles. Press the + button at the top of the screen and you will have now saved all the things you've customized. You can do this for all your different activities and easily switch between them later.



That is great information already creating profiles for all of my GPS adventures  THANKS

However it still does not fix the problem that my FL topo maps do not show up. Tired all combinations of enable and disable with City, FL and Base.


Really, all that needs to be enabled is the Florida topo. Everything else should be disabled. You might need to use the down arrow to see all the maps. Maybe there is another one that's hiding the Florida map.

Are you certain that you sent the entire map? When the device is connected to your computer, look in the Garmin folder. How big is the map file?

Sorry, running out of ideas here.


No worries, I appreciate the time you have spent. Just went through the list and digital globe was still enabled. So I disabled that one.  All other have been disabled and only FL topo in enabled. The file size is 27.5mb and I downloaded most of West Central Florida, not the whole state.  Still no topo  maps show only the little blue triangle

Thanks again for your help


That is a very small map file, which makes me wonder you have not installed enough of the state. Try installing the whole state, if you're talking about Oz's Florida topo, that is going to be somewhere around 150MB. Just a drop in the bucket for a modern unit like the Montana. :)


Fantastic!! I Know what I will be doing tonight! thanks for all of your help! I love the profile change by the way and now I know why all of my folders kept dissapearing each time I set them up LOL. It was when I went from profile to profile!!