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Garmin 2010C / Garmin card reader

Started by jsmumper, April 09, 2012, 07:02:24 AM

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I have a Garmin 2010C chartploter for my boat.  It uses Garnin "Blue chart" memory cards.  I bought a Garmin data card programmer and a 128-megabyte memory cartridge hoping to be able to download the latest NOAA Raster charts onto a Garmin memory card and use it on this chartplotter.  The process is not as easy I had hoped.  Can someone send me a step by step process to download a NOAA Raster chart onto the memory card?  Thanks.


I don't think there's any way to simply "download" NOAA raster charts on your unit. You would have to turn these into maps yourself. That is complex and involves a "hack" that doesnt work very well to convert raster data to vector data. See this:


Thanks for the heads-up.  I read and got very confused over the suggested tutorial on GPS Depot.   I will have to put my son on this one.  His generation seems to have gotten the tech gene.  Thanks.