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Difference between Garmin 1:24000 and nctopo11 ??

Started by JeffRome, March 25, 2012, 09:40:26 AM

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JeffRome    (this is nctopo11)

What is the difference between these maps? (I know the pay one is multistate but I'm using NC only). I don't really mind spending the money for Garmin's map if it has significantly better detail. For example, the nctopo11 does not have the cities and towns named which I find sort of annoying. Thanks!


The Garmin topo has routable roads.  The GPSfiledepot map doesn't.  Detail should be about the same. 


You can view area(s) of your choice for Garmin's 24k topo at their website.
Their product also has routing capability and an elevation grid which will produce a much better 3D view then that from their built-in base map and will attach elevation data to a track.

The nctopo11 uses town/city names from the USGS Geographic names information system (GNIS).  The location may or may not be where you are expecting it and the default Garmin symbol is not too prominent.