Got City Navigator update for Nuvi how to install it on Laptop fort Map Source?

Started by Rex, April 12, 2009, 07:07:37 AM

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I got the 60 day update map for the Nuvi and it installed into Map Source also.  I need to move it to my laptop since that is what I use on the road.  It is on my hard drive ... huge file.  How can I move it to the laptop and make it work?  It is OK if it no longer works on the regular PC too.  I just need one working computer.


Really, the easiest way would be to just download the update again using the laptop. The link you used the first time should continue to work for awhile. AFAIK, there is no limit to how many computers you can install the maps on, but you can only install them on one GPS.

Otherwise, you could try copying the files directly but you might run into some issues. I believe the location of the files may vary with your version of Mapsource. On my computer they are located in \Garmin\CNNANT2009


The download link at Garmin has expired unfortunately.  When I update the Nuvi it also updated the Map Source SW but I did it from my main computer.  Garmin won't let me download it again.

I have transfered the files over to the laptop and put them in the Garmin directory but Map Source does not see them.