Garmin Oregon 450. Are the autoroute maps the same as the car satnavs?

Started by plod1, March 17, 2012, 08:12:20 AM

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Do these oregons use the same maps and visual dsiplay as a car sat nav?

Can you get any UK maps for the auto routing for use with caravan towing?

Cheers plod1


You can install City Navigator on the Oregon and it will give you auto routing, however you will not have the voice prompts, just beeps and printed directions on the screen.

I'm not sure exactly what you need for "caravan towing", but the normal City Navigator maps don't contain information about size/height restrictions. Garmin makes a special line of products designed for use in trucks, and they have proprietary files that provide additional data:

I'm in the US, so I'm not sure what is available in your country however.

Indrid Cold

For caravaning on the cheep, look at the Talky Toaster maps here:

If they aren't up to you standards, you can purchase a City Navigator license for £ 33.99:

I'm sure you won't need a lorry satnav for pulling a caravan with a mini ;)