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Refresh speed ....

Started by Crispy, March 18, 2012, 08:37:50 AM

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My Venture HC is a bit slow to refresh. If I load only a small area of the NY topo I'm using will it refresh faster? Thanks, C.


Don't own one of those, but I suspect that zooming in or reducing detail level would be more likely to improve screen re-draws.  Let us know what works.


I took everything out except one quadrant and it didn't help the redraw speed. At least not a lot.  C.


Your GPS is a bottom of the line, older model so I suspect "it is what it is".

As suggested, set map detail lower and see if that helps. You can also turn on de-clutter. Setting the unit for North-up instead of Track-up will also help since less re-drawing is needed as you move.