Remove/Delete out of date maps from BaseCamp

Started by JRSMAPS, February 17, 2012, 09:09:53 PM

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How do I delete old rev maps from BaseCamp and from my Oregon 450 so that I can install newer versions. The maps in question were all downloaded from GPSFileDepot. I'm a newbie to GPS and not very computer savvy. Thanks for any potential help.


Depends on how you installed the maps, and how many there are. Everytime you send a map with Basecamp or Mapsource, it is placed in the folder named Garmin on either a memory card or internal memory (depending on which you chose). If you didn't take any further action, the map will be in the file named gmapsupp.img. Sending a new map will automatically erase the old one because it will also be in a file named gmapsupp.img.

Now it's possible to change the name of gmapsupp.img to something else (such as topo.img for example), then send another map. If that's the case, you would need to delete those other .img files.

HOWEVER, since you're new at this, before you delete ANYTHING you should make a full backup of your GPS and your storage card (if any). Just create a folder on your computer and either drag or paste all the files from your Oregon there. This will let you restore things if you make a mistake.

DO NOT delete the files named gmapbmap.img or gmaptz.img. These are your basemap and timezone map and they should be left alone.


To delete maps from BaseCamp on a PC. Go to the Control Panel.Select Uninstall Programs, and Select the outdated mapset names and Uninstall.


Boyd & Seldon - Thanks for the quick reply! I'm sorry that I forgot to say I'm using a Mac with Snow Leopard. I seem to understand how to do the changes I wish to make on my Oregon 450 but can't figure out how to delete the old maps from BaseCamp so I can replace them with updated versions. Thanks again.


Sorry, I just saw your other thread and read you're on a Mac. It's even easier on the Mac, just run the MapManager program, select the map you want and click the button to delete. There should also be a button to open the folder that contains the maps (which should be in your in a Garmin folder inside Application Support in your Library).

Everything else will be the same. Connect the GPS to your computer and it should appear like a disk. Open the Garmin folder on that disk and you'll find the files I described. If you have a memory card inserted, it will appear like another disk.


Boyd, Thanks so much for your support. Everything is now setup on my Oregon and in Basecamp just as I wanted   Next time, hopefully, I will remember your 'helpful to a novice' instructions!