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Another download problem with maps

Started by doakerw, February 23, 2012, 05:32:00 PM

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I have BaseCamp in PC with Windows XP. I tried to download "My Trail" into BaseCamp. When I entered the download, the PC immediately showed a small icon of some description in the lower left hand corner above the start key and said done. I never got a Run or Save window and also did not get the installer to Run to install in BaseCamp. Can't find the download in All Programs, Control Panel, or my documents.

Tried to run the download again and said already downloaded.

Would like to find and install "My Trails" so I can get some  topos to BaseCamp. I have the tutorial on downloading BaseCamp and have been successful on a different computer.


Fixed problem by after asking for download on My Trail etc, they were not automatically downloading. I had to click on download if it doesn't start automatically to get the maps to download. Duh! on my part. If there is a way to make this hard, I sure have a knack for doing just that!