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Incorrect Map Name

Started by mikebsr, February 21, 2012, 10:31:51 AM

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I transfered the free Pennsylvania Topo Map to my garmin 62S and when I went to activate it on my gps I looked and the name that came up on my 62S was,   ( Trenton NJ (ws) Tre )    The map seems to be correct but the name wrong??????


That's just the way it works. The whole map consists of a bunch of smaller "tiles" that each have their own names. The GPS is showing you a portion of the names of those tiles. On my Montana it will show that as well as any name I give to the actual map file, but I don't think the 62 series does that.


So, if you use MapSource instead of BaseCamp to send your maps to your GPSr, you have the option of changing the "Displayed Name" of the map on the GPSr.

Like This:
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The name of the map shown on MapSource screen was correct before and after the copy but the name that was shown on the GPS was incorrect after the copy.    :o   Go Figure??


MS adds some of the quadrangle names to the mapset name.
Some of PA is covered on the USGS 100k Trenton, NJ quad.  I used the USGS 250k and 100k names to help users know which quads (of parts thereof) they have selected.
Which one(s) MS picks, I do not know.