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links not working

Started by lagrabow, April 04, 2023, 06:48:30 PM

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I am a newbie owner of a Garmin 66s and trying to learn to use it. I have been reading your tutorials about how to use maps with basecamp. I have downloaded maps in the .img format. In the tutorial it says to download these two files: MapSetToolkit  &  cGPSmapper.
When I try to download them the links provided don't work. [taken to "site not found"
How can I get these software?


cgpsmapper was discontinued quite some time ago and the site is long gone. I believe you can still find the free version with the wayback machine at Sorry, don't have link handy, but try plugging in the bad link you used in their search box here

Not sure about MapSetToolkit, you might be able to find it at the same place. Basically, this is a system of map making that is dying, along with the whole dedicated GPS market. I think most mapmakers have moved on to OpenStreetMap tools, which are still supported.

Personally, I stopped making Garmin maps a number of years ago and now use other formats and tools on my own site.

[edit]Looking at your post again, I think you have come to a wrong conclusion. You should not need Mapsettoolkit or cpgpsmapper, they are not required to use the maps on this site anymore. Almost all the maps here have an installer that you just double-click and the maps will be automatically installed in Basecamp.

There are also Mac versions.