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Garmin Dakota 10

Started by rm56, February 12, 2012, 03:29:09 PM

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Hello, I'm considering the new Garmin Dakota 10. Since it does not accept SD cards has anyone here been able to upload topo maps of Yosemite on it? I'm not sure if the Dakota 10 has onboard memory for adding maps. I think it does, just not sure. The Dakota 20 does accept SD memory cards in addition to having a compass and altimeter built in. I do not really need those features in my GPS. But I have read that the base maps the Garmin Dakota's come with is not too good. Again has anyone here loaded USGS Topo maps in close detail showing trails of Yosemite Valley? I do not know the exact grid, but its the valley and half dome North to Tioga rd.  The Snow Creek trail to be exact. Thanks


The Dakota 10 has 850MB of internal memory (see specs here: That's quite a lot actually. You'll be able to load tons of maps from this site in 850MB. You could also make your own "custom maps" of the area, such as this one I made awhile ago:

USGS maps in that format will be limited to about 400 square miles (such as 20 miles x 20 miles) to get decent quality however. If you want USGS 24k topo's, you might just subscribe to BirdsEye Topo however. That will give you unlimited downloads of the 24k topo's for $30 and you should be able to cover quite a large area on a Dakota 10 since these maps don't have the restrictions of the ones you make yourself.

I think the main limitations of the Dakota 10 would be for people who want to have full US City Navigator road maps on their GPS in addition to other maps. It might also be limiting if you want to use BirdsEye aerial imagery, however you can just send the sections you want to the gps as a work-around.