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Sharing maps between garmin units

Started by Reverend Bill, February 06, 2012, 12:43:08 PM

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Reverend Bill

I have a ZUMO 550 with the 2008 version of City Navigator.  Can I load this onto my Montana 600?  Or, can I update the City Navigator and share the updated software  with both GPS units?  When I tried to load City Navigator into the Montana is gave a locked map error message.


Each copy of Garmin City Navigator can only be installed on a single GPS, and the copy protection gives the error message you saw if you try to move it to a different device.

You will need to purchase a separate copy for your Montana. But if you want to be able to use it on more than one device, you can purchase the version supplied on a pre-loaded data card by Garmin. This card can be used on any GPS, but only one at a time because the card is copy protected and the map will not work if moved to a different card.

Be sure to register your Montana and you will get a 10% discount code from Garmin. If you don't need Canada or Hawaii, you can purchase the "lower 49" version of City Navigator for $60 from Garmin, or $54 if you use the 10% discount code.

That's what I did for my own Montana.

Reverend Bill

Thanks, Boyd.  I wondered if that was the issue.  Since I am considering selling the ZUMO, maybe I'll leave the update to the buyer and just get new copy for the Montana. $54 isn't too steep.
Thanks for the help!


Quote...maybe I'll leave the update to the buyer and just get new copy for the Montana
As Boyd mentioned, it can not be used on another GPSr, so what would not including it do for you?  Give the purchurser a little something extra and let them decide if it is worth using or upgrading.  Or is Garmin's upgrade policy limited to the original purchurser?


Map updates aren't transferable according to Garmin policy. They are all keyed to your personal account at so you would have to give the buyer your login info - not a good idea. However, if you buy one of the map update cards, that can be activated by anyone (after which it will be tied to their Garmin account).

But as I understood the Reverend's post, he was toying with the idea of purchasing an update for his Zumo but after realizing it couldn't be installed on his Montana, he decided to just sell it and let the buyer purchase an update if desired.


So if the GPSr was never registered with Garmin a future owner could update; if a previous owner had registered it, the next owner could not update.


i bought a 450Oregon off ebay that was registered to someone else, i contacted them and had that person unregister it on Garmins site,, then i registered it in my name and was able to add maps and everything fine after that, i downloaded street atlas and Birdseye.


Unless I am missing something in this thread, I am sharing the North America NT 2012.30 image file for the Southeast across my nuvi 350, O550 & M650


Quote from: maps4gps on February 06, 2012, 06:59:33 PM
So if the GPSr was never registered with Garmin a future owner could update; if a previous owner had registered it, the next owner could not update.

Free updates are available for a period of 90 days  (NuMaps guarantee) after the first use of the GPS. So if you bought an unregistered unit that was less than 90 days old, you could register and get a free update, or you could take advantage of the lifetime maps if they were included with the unit (the "LM" models). If it's older than 90 days, you won't get the free NuMaps update but should be able to get the Lifetime maps if they were included with the original purchase (LM models).

If the previous owner didn't register, he couldn't have purchased the lifetime maps separately. If he did register, the lifetime subscription couldn't be transferred. Also note that this policy only applies to the Nuvi, zumo and dezl lines and not to handheld devices.

If you purchase City Navigator on DVD, I know that you can also purchase a lifetime option but I don't think you get the 90 day guarantee. This is a grey area to me and you should contact Garmin if you really want to know. Maps purchased via download or pre-loaded cards are not eligible for any kind of updates, they must be replaced with a whole new version.

@z_statman: We may all be missing something here. Where did you get that "image file". My guess is that it's not a legal copy of City Navigator, because what you describe should not be possible.

@mezmerizz: Yes, if you purchase a used device you should be sure the previous owner de-registers it. However, that will not entitle you to continue receiving any updates that the previous owner had purchased. If Birdseye files were already on the unit and you register it in your own name, they won't work anymore and you would need to buy your own subscription.