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Value of Zumo 550

Started by Reverend Bill, February 02, 2012, 04:12:36 PM

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Reverend Bill

I just replaced my ZUMO 550 with a Montana 600.  My friend wants to buy my ZUMO including the Touratech locking mount plus the automobile suction dashboard mount.  The map loaded on it is old (original) and it can use an upgrade.  Anyone place a value on this? Seattle is the location.
Reverend Bill


Look on Ebay or Amazon and figure what you think the discount's worth?

Reverend Bill

Thanks, already done that.  $600 new, $300-$400 used on E-bay, Touratech mount $135 new, software cast about $100 required. It would cost $700+ to replace, but the technology is old.  My estimate was $300-$400. 
I was curious if the collective knowledge of this forum would provide any further insight. Am I far off?