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Want to Delete Maps on Mac

Started by [email protected], January 16, 2012, 02:55:31 PM

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[email protected]

Downloaded some maps from the GPS Depot site to my Mac. Couple are of no value. Want to delete them. None of the files appear any where on the computer. Searching for the downloaded names has no result. Using "Find Any File", they still are unfound. I am able to find a Maps directory with two Garmin files. No other map files are listed.

Where can they be found so I can delete them. I'd rather not see them if I can't use them.

Wandrin Lloyd


Run the Garmin Mapmanager program. It will let you choose which maps to delete.

[email protected]

Map Manager doesn't do anything but point to the Downloads directory.

When in Basecamp, checked many of the menu options. Under Maps, found "Installed Maps Info..." That is where all the maps are listed. One of the options is to show the map in Finder. Did that and then deleted the map in Finder. The unwanted maps are now gone.

Indrid Cold

Now that the option is in BaseCamp for Macintosh, it's a bit easier than it used to be to remove mapsets. But it was never very herd before if you knew where to look on your drive.