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Just got the Garmin etrex 30 and can't load maps. . .

Started by jamato8, January 12, 2012, 12:13:37 PM

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I took off Arizona and then reloaded it and it loaded fine. Now to somehow get the other maps to load. I am doing it right or the Arizona map would not have loaded back. I have emptied the trash.

The storage, internal, shows 1778 free and 582.6mb used. I don't understand how this thing works since there is 1.3 gigs left on the internal chip. 


So you reloaded the map of Arizona...
This would create a file "gmapsupp.img" in the Garmin directory on the unit.
Now unless you rename this file, every time you download a new map it will over-write the "gmapsupp.img" file.

Just to clarify - Garmin does not give you a way to rename a map on the eTrex - you have to attach device to PC/Mac, browse to Garmin directory then rename file.

Once the "gmapsupp.img" file is renamed (Arizona.img) then the next map loaded will create a new "gmapsupp.img" map file which can be managed in the same way.


I tried that but will do it again.

Edit: Ok, got it fixed. I load one map, rename it, go back, clear selections, highlight another map and when loaded, rename it, clear selections, load a map and rename, etc. Very slow though but it works.