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Loading maps into MapSource - noob question

Started by KayakingPeter, March 26, 2009, 09:53:07 AM

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I have a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx with a 2gig MicroSD card and use Mapsource version 6.13.7 on a Windows machine.  Have a registered copy of BlueCharts installed.

Looking forward to benefiting from this site.  But, I am not a GPS power user, so figured I'd try something small to start.  I downloaded the Yosemite Topo map.  It contains 4 files:
- 54880637.img
- uninstall.exe
- YosemiteTopo.img
- YosemiteTopo.TDB

It looks like I can stick the MicroSD card directly into the laptop card reader and copy the 54880637.img file there to get access to the maps on the GPS.  Would this work?  Would I also need to copy the Yosemite.img file and/or Yosemite.tdb?

But I would prefer to learn how to load it into the Mapsource program first, and transfer the maps from there to the GPS (I think this will be important when I go for larger maps, like CA's, which contains many IMG files which I may want to select just some from).  The only menu option within Mapsource is File / Open, but that doesn't accept IMG or TDB file types.

I found mention of MapSetToolKit as the way to do this, so have downloaded that (version 1.6).  I run this, but am confused by the boxes in the lower left.  Did find a description in the forum on how to do this, but it seems to refer to an older Command Prompt version and doesn't seem to make sense with this version.   Anyone know of some instructions or help files for this program?

The steps I do are to select the YosemiteTopo IMG in the upper left, highlight this and add to the upper right box.  Mapset directory I use the same location that the IMG file resides in.  Mapset name of YosemiteTopo.  FamilyID and Product Code based on what shows up on the right side.  map version I leave at 1 and Copyright info as blank.  Draw priority and Transparent as default.  Checked Instal in MapSource.  Not sure what to do for TYP file box nor for CGPSMAPPER/CPREVIEW box.


I take it you are talking about the following map:

To load the map onto your Garmin 60csx follow the following tutorial:

Basically  you need to install the map, select the sections  you want to transfer  using the selection tool and then transfer them to your unit using the "Transfer" menu


cypherman on just posted that MapSetTookKit 1.61 is available to fix some issues in 1.60.


Many thanks.  I even read that tutorial a few times prior to posting this message, but just wasn't seeing that pop down window with the maps.  I upgraded to the newest version of mapsource (though probably didn't need to - was probably just missing the drop down window) and it all seems to work now.


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