Mac Basecamp and downloading GPSFile Depot Topo Maps to my 60csx

Started by Big Jake, January 08, 2012, 05:03:38 PM

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Big Jake


My first post on the site although I have been using the site for maps and info for 2 years.  Great site and very informative.

My issue is this...

I have a 60csx and was using Mapsource to download the state topo maps from this site to my GPS.  Everything worked great.

I just got a new Mac over the holidays - running OS Lion.

I downloaded Basecamp and Map Manager and Mapinstaller.  So far so good.

I downloaded several of the state topo maps in Mac format as a test.

The downloads worked and when I clicked on the GMPi files they were automatically loaded into Basecamp.  Again, so far so good.

My problem is now trying to get those maps to download to my 60csx. 

Basecamp is recognizing my unit with the 10 digit unit number.

Mapinstaller does seem to recognize my GPS has well.

But I cannot seem to figure out the right way to get maps from either Basecamp or from Map Manager to download to my 60.  And I have not been able to find a Mapinstaller or Map Manager tutorial?

Using the old Mapsource, I could "highlight" sections of my map and download those.  I cannot even figure out how to "highlight" sections or the entire map in Basecamp.

I also do not understand the "sequence" of he programs using the Mac software.  Do I go directly to Map Manager in my application file first or do I go to Basecamp first and then open Map Manager and then open Mapinstaller?

There must be some simply trick I am missing since I can get the maps into Basecamp with no problem but just can't get them to my 60.  :o

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Indrid Cold

Maps don't go into the GPSMAP60CSx, they go On the datacard.

Put the gps in USB mode and you will get the card to mount.

You only need BaseCamp now, the other .apls are included in the package.
Select the send icon, select the datacard, and make sure the checkboxes for Maps & geotagged photos is checked.

This opens MapInstall. I use one finger on my trackpad to select one corner and another to select the opposite corner and that will marquee the complete mapset. You are going to need to get used to a Mac to have those techniques as second nature.

edit, sorry to not include full step by steps but it hard to do that from an iPhone~see below


Also note that the 60csx uses the S-L-O-W UBS 1.0 interface. If you are loading anything more than a small section of a map it will be much faster to remove the card from the unit and place it into a USB reader or built-in card slot if your Mac has one.

Big Jake

Thank you Mr. Cold and Mr. Boyd,

I will try again tonight.  This time I will put my sd card into the SD slot on the back of the Mac Mini and see if that is faster instead of using the USB connection.

Also, I will not start up Mapinstall or Mapmanager independently.

I will let you gentlemen know if this works.

Big Jake

Mr. Boyd and Mr. Cold,

Just an update on my attempt to load GPS File Depot state topo maps from my version of Basecamp for Mac to my 60Csx.

The short answer is I was able to do so very easily - however, the caveat is I could not do it following your instructions exactly.

So in the interest of perhaps educating others in a similar situation, I will detail my situation and solution.

Just as background, I have a new Mac Mini with OS Lion ( purchased over the holiday season ).

I downloaded Basecamp and Homeport for Mac at the suggestion of Garmin reps.  I had a bunch of maps in Windows format that I also had to convert so I downloaded Mapconverter, MapInstaller, and MapManager at their suggestion.

By downloading the Mac versions of various state topo maps from this website, I was able to very easily get these maps into Basecamp.  In fact, when you "install" the downloaded maps they are basically uploaded to Basecamp automatically - so far so good.

The problem was getting these maps downloaded to my 60Csx.

The solution I had to follow was as follows....

I took your advice and put my Micro SD in a card reader adapter - the Mac Mini has a SD card reader port.  I did this to avoid the USB connection ( 1.0 ) to my 60Csx.

In Mac Finder, I have Basecamp, MapManager, and MapInstall.

I had to first open Basecamp, select my topo.

Then open MapManager independently from Finder.  You guys said Mapmanager and MapInstaller were part of Basecamp but I am confused by that statement.

Anyway, when I open Mapmanager it shows all of the map downloads,

I "check" which one I want to send to the SD card.

I then have to open MapInstaller. This will show the whole state topo map of the map I have selected.

I then "highlight" or select the entire map - no more selecting just certain pieces of it like in MapSource.

Mapinstaller then installs the map on my SD card - it only took about 20 seconds for the entire topo for TN.

So it works.

However, since it didn't work the way you described, I am now curious and would be willing to volunteer as a "test platform" to understand why not just for the sake of future readers.

I have benefited a lot from this site so maybe I can be of some help.

Let me know.

Big Jake

Indrid Cold

Here's a step by step for loading with Macintosh:

1. with a microSD card installed in my GPS I plug the GPS into the Macintosh (GPS in USB mode).
2. I OPEN BaseCamp (v3.2.2).
3. In BaseCamp, I select FILE, and then New List. A new List is added to my Library.
4. Select that New List.
5. Select the WAYPOINT TOOL and mark a waypoint anywhere on the map. It will add that waypoint to that list.
6. With the New List still selected, I select SEND LIST TO DEVICE.
7. a pop up window will open, make sure to check both the "Waypoints & Geotagged Photos" box and the "Send maps with MapInstall when done" box.
8. I have selected the microSD card as I want to send the maps there.
9. After the waypoint is sent to the datacard, MapInstall will open with one of the maptiles selected.
10. I zoom out so I can see the whole mapset.
11. Then I select all the maps segments by holding one finger on the multitouch track pad, and dragging another finger diagonally turning all the map segments blue.
12. I then press the SEND button. MapInstall will the compile and transfer the maps to the datacard.