How to get started ? I picked up a used eTrex Vista C

Started by Zandar, January 07, 2012, 09:18:18 AM

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Hello All !

I have a slightly used Garmin eTrex Vista C, and I have been trying to make sense of loading maps, etc.  I have been able to load the Yosemite map, from this site, thanks, and I am trying to find maps around my area.

I live in Arroyo Grande, Ca. and I would like to find road/trail maps for this area.  Thoughts?

How do I find other Vista "C" users, issues on this site?



Looks like you have only 24mb of internal memory for maps...

I would run Garmin WebUpdater and make sure you have the most recent firmware installed.

Then install MapSource and/or BaseCamp, learn to use them, download some California maps from GPSFileDepot (of course) and install the areas you need to your unit with MapSource.

Some great Tutorials are available right here!

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I figured out how to select specific map sections from the Catop11 map that would fit on my Vista "C", and I am now learning to use my GPS.

Is it true that basecamp won't copy sections of the Ca Topo?  I can only seem to get this done when using Mapsource.


Indrid Cold

Quote from: Zandar on January 08, 2012, 08:41:11 PM
Is it true that basecamp won't copy sections of the Ca Topo?  I can only seem to get this done when using Mapsource.
are you using the California TOPO 2011?


'Is it true ...'  I have never heard anything like that before. Where did you hear/read that?


I am using Topo California 2011...

Since I am just getting my feet wet, and trying to learn the software I was able to pick small sections and send this map "set" to my GPS with Mapsource.

I then tried to do the same thing in Basecamp, and couldn't see how to select the sections.  I did see the section grids, but I wasn't able to pick the smaller set, as my GPS is limited to 24 mb of storage.




I was able to solve my issue. how to load smaller sections of the Ca Topo 2011.

I had to run "mapinstall", and from there choose the Ca Topo 2011 map, and at this point I was able to select the sections I wanted, and it told me total map size, so I knew at what point I would hit my max of 24 MB threshold.

So, all solved.

Thanks everyone,

Indrid Cold

There is a tutorial on this, check the tutorial link at the top of the page